Westfield Indiana

Art in the Indianapolis suburb of Westfield, Indiana occupies quite a strong presence, as it does in its fast-growing sister suburbs, Noblesville, Fishers and Carmel. One of the main reasons is the new Gallery One 36, which is becoming a meeting place for the creative.

The gallery occupies a renovated, two-story house in a historical sector of Westfield. On exhibit there are many of the finest artists in the region. They also offer special events such as Poetry and Music Night, and workshops.

Other venues for the creative culture lover dot the area. Just about five miles away, the new Arts & Design District in Carmel, Indiana is attracting artists by the dozens. In fact, a broad spectrum of the arts can be sampled almost any day or night in state capital Indy, only ten miles away due south.

Westfield Attractions

Westfield, while growing fast, is still a family town, and its attractions reflect that fact. One widely-recognized Westfield attraction is the Wood Wind Golf Academy in Westfield. Considered one of the most popular golf courses in Indiana, it also offers professional lessons, banquets and tournaments.

The new Westfield Washington Historical Society & Museum is well worth a look. You will find pure nostalgia and authentic memorabilia within its newly-refurbished walls. And the Historical Society offers regular historic tours as well, such as the popular Underground Railroad Tour.

The Westfield Washington Public Library is one of the main hubs in the community, offering much more than books to borrow. At the library, residents can choose from any number of opportunities. They can, for example, take in a concert, learn how to run a computer or enter into a lively discussion with their peer groups. Or they can just pass some pleasant time reading a book.

Westfield Bars

Visiting the various Westfield bars, you’ll get a sense of the real meaning of Hoosier hospitality. Carey Tavern, for example, puts on lots of special events and parties and offers live music for dancing every Saturday. Bucky’s Grill & Pub, another favorite, has a gleaming, warm decor and nearly wall-to-wall TVs playing sports.

Both of these top Westfield bars have lots of ongoing specials and great food. There are two other “Cheers” style neighborhood pubs in Westfield, the Rock Tonic and Park Street Pub. Obviously, even though the charming town of Westfield is merely a small Midwestern suburb, its residents like to party and still have a short route home.

Westfield Children

The Midwest town of Westfield, Indiana possesses a long list of benefits for the lucky children who grow up in it. Everything from formal soccer and baseball camps to top-ten SAT scores can be found in the pleasant community of Westfield. And on top of that, there’s a  seemingly unending list of fun family sightseeing centers in nearby Indianapolis that your Westfield children will remember for the rest of their lives.

Downtown Westfield

Downtown Westfield is a community center in its awakening stages. The Downtown Neighborhood association and the Grand Junction Task Group are newly-formed organizations dedicated to the promotion of activity, culture and business in historic downtown Westfield.

Also new, but growing fast and furious, are the Westfield Market, a first-class farmers’ market, and NUMA, the city’s brand new, two-day arts festival which had its inauguration in September of 2008.

Though Westfield is still a somewhat small “bedroom community,” its population is among the fastest-growing in the nation. How appropriate that the heart of the city is humming right along, too.

Events in Westfield

The Downtown Neighborhood Association has been working overtime the past few years, assuring that the city keeps up with its population. They’re the group behind the new NUMA arts festival, the new Westfield Market and the Grand Junction Task Group.

The town of Westfield is fast becoming a city, and special events will only keep multiplying. For the time being, residents are content to travel five or ten miles to take in the numerous events offered in nearby hamlets, as well as their own.

Geography of Westfield

Westfield, Indiana, though not a large town, is not a small one either. And in the space of two short years, from 2006 to 2008, its population more than doubled.

This incredible expansion has made Westfield a force to be reckoned with. Only twenty minutes due north of Indianapolis, Westfield has long been a town full of commuters, due to this convenient geographical situation. These days, the town is morphing into its own new identity.

Westfield Health

The community of Westfield offers several local options for healthcare to its residents, including clinics, individual family care physicians and specialists. For emergency care and hospital treatment, they simply travel a few miles to nearby Carmel or Indianapolis.

History of Westfield

Founded in 1834 by Quakers, Westfield was nevertheless not incorporated as a city until the year 2008. The community can still point to an impressive and interesting history, because of its involvement during the Civil War with the underground railroad in Westfield. It has been documented that many buildings still extant in Westfield were sites, or “stations” along the Underground Railroad, and the town takes pains to make sure this heritage is maintained.

Recently, the old Fire Station was usurped and renovated by the Westfield Washington Historical Society and Museum to be its home and the receptacle of historical memorabilia.

Media Serving Carmel Indiana

Westfield has several print media, marketing and advertising agencies located inside the city limits. With its close proximity to Indianapolis, there is no lack of good strong radio and local television stations to draw upon. In fact, Indy has more than 40 radio stations and almost 30 television stations to service all its satellite cities, such as Westfield.

The principle newspaper in these parts is The Indianapolis Star, which regularly reserves a section, called the Westfield Star for Westfield in particular, and The Hamilton County Star, for Hamilton County communities.

Nightlife in Westfield

Residents of Westfield, Indiana are in an excellent position to take advantage of the wonderful nightlife very close to town. Less than ten miles away, both Noblesville and Carmel offer lots of ways to unwind after a busy day and have fun. Then there’s always the unending supply of dining, dancing, pubs, live music, art, shopping and culture that goes on continuously in Indianapolis, less than a half hour away by car.

Famous People of Westfield

So far, only two names have emerged as well-known people from Westfield.

One was Claude Bowers, a writer and ambassador during the early 1900’s. The other was a sociopathic madman who turned out to be one of the most lethal serial killers ever produced in America.

He was named Herb Baumeister, but he sometimes called himself Brian Smart. He killed as many as fifty gay men before he finally put a stop to himself with a gun to his head. Above, you see his picture, the face of madness and a negative legacy in the otherwise positive annals of Westfield.

Parks and Recreation in Westfield

Westfield is the site for the administration of the Hamilton County Parks, a combined effort by the nine townships that make up the county to develop, maintain and generally take care of the precious and beautiful green spaces within their purview.

Hadley Park, Simon Moon Park, Asa Bales Park, Quaker Park and Freedom Trail Park are all located within the verdant town of Westfield.

Real Estate in Westfield Indiana

The town of Westfield has an urban population of about 9,000 and a rural population of about 175. There are presently around 4,000 houses in town, and just under a third of them are occupied by renters. In 2007, the median rental went for about $650 and the median asking price for a house was around $170,000.

Anyone relocating to this charming, family-oriented Midwest community will find a wide array of choices in housing and neighborhoods to live in.

Restaurants in Westfield

All throughout the town of Westfield, there are pleasant diners and eateries. People love to go over to Marlow’s Café, for example, and have breakfast or a home made meat loaf sandwich.

Like its diverse and growing population, Westfield restaurants run the gamut for interest, value and type. Even though nearby heavyweights like Indy, Westfield, Noblesville and Fishers offer pretty much anything one could want in the way of dining out, Westfield holds its own when it comes to satisfying the hunger of its citizens, and even attracts out-of-towners on a regular basis.

Schools in Westfield

The Westfield educational system has an ongoing reputation for excellence. Inside the town there is Westfield High School, Westfield Middle School and a variety of good Elementary and pre-schools, as well as one Montessori school.

There is also a renowned Christian school called Union Bible College, the longest continuously-functional such school in the state of Indiana.

Shopping in Westfield

As with most Midwestern and Central Indiana towns, Westfield maintains its heritage of a pioneer past, reflected in many historic buildings and quaint shops offering everything from heirloom antiques to modern, one-of-a-kind sculptures.

Big Brother Indy is only a half-hour south by car and boasts some of the finest shopping centers in the Midwest.

Sports and Recreation in Westfield

A number of excellent training centers in sports exist in Westfield. The Roundtripper Academy, for example offers well-rounded training in baseball. They call it the “place where the pros go to practice.”

Then there’s the Indiana Soccer Academy, where a determined soccer player will find all the tools to make it possible to be a great soccer player. Cheer World of Indiana is another such sports training center. While they offer gymnastics, tumbling and dance, they concentrate on turning out fabulous cheerleaders.

Just want a strike-up game in the park or a place for the kids to run safely while you drink in the beauty around you? Try any of Westfield’s excellent public parks.

Things to Do in Westfield

One of the favorite things to do in Westfield is to go to the new Arctic Zone skate rink. Public skating, lessons and hockey for all ages are ongoing activities there, and it’s a fun place for a party.

There are a number of parks and recreation programs in Westfield, with athletic fields and picnic areas, great places to hang out. For a more formal activity for the kids, try something like the Rather Be Dancin’ academy on Union Street. They teach couples ballroom too!

Looking for something truly unique to do around Westfield? Try one of the “Ghost Walks,” scary tours offered by Lockerbie Tours all over the metropolitan Indianapolis area. Not only will you learn a lot about the deep, historic roots of the town, you’ll also be scared out of your wits!


The growing town of Westfield is indeed an accurate representation of its own motto, “Old town charm, new city style.” Visit it once, and you’ll see why.