Raymond Worth Park in Westfield Indiana

Raymond Worth ParkĀ  is located at 16301 Little Eagle Creek Ave, a half mile south of W 166th Street. This 17-acre park was established in January of 2003, and features a natural trail for both pedestrian and equestrian use, and ample parking. Wilfong Land Companies donated the land to the City of Westfield in 2003.

raymond-worth-park-sign-westfieldSign at Entrance to Raymond Worth Park

entrance-to-raymond-worth-park-westfieldGates at Entrance to Raymond Worth Park

mowed-path-through-raymond-worth-park-westfieldOne of Several Mowed Paths in Raymond Worth Park

mowed-path-3-through-raymond-worth-park-westfieldAnother Mowed Path upon Which to Ride a Horse

mowed-path-4-through-raymond-worth-park-westfieldAnother Mowed Riding Path

map-of-homes-for-sale-near-raymond-worth-park-westfieldHomes for Sale near Raymond Worth Park


Raymond Worth Park
16301 Little Creek Ave
Westfield, IN 46074