Quaker Park in Westfield Indiana

Quaker Park is located at 130 Penn Street in Westfield. Established in the 1997, the park’s name was inspired by the early 19th century Quakers, many of whom assisted escaped slaves. Amenities include the Born Learning Trail, a splash park, playground, parking, charcoal grill, shelter, dog drinking bowl and dog waste station, benches, a basketball court, a garden area, bike rack and public restrooms.

entry-to-quaker-park-westfieldEntry to Quaker Park

playground-at-quaker-park-westfieldPlay Area at Quaker Park

basketball-post-at-quaker-park-westfieldBasketball Court at Quaker Park

distant-view-of-quaker-park-westfieldDistant View of Play Areas

fun-at-splash-park-quaker-park-westfieldA Child Has Fun in the “Splash Area” of Quaker Park

on-blanket-at-quaker-park-westfieldPark-Goers Enjoy a Day in the Sun on a Blanket in Quaker Park

photo-of-shelter-at-quaker-park-westfieldPhoto of the Shelter Area at Quaker Park

photo-of-splash-park-at-quaker-park-westfieldSplash Area

splash-park-fountain-at-quaker-park-westfieldWater Falls from a Fountain in the Splash Area

playground-area-2-quaker-park-westfieldAnother View of the Play Area

swingset--at-quaker-park-westfieldFun on the Swing Set

splash-park-fountain-2-at-quaker-park-westfieldSpokes of Water Radiate Outward from a Spinkler

3-shelters-at-quaker-park-westfieldThree Shelters as Seen from the Parking Area

shaded-bench-at-quaker-park-westfieldA Shaded Seating Area

splash-park-area-at-quaker-park-westfieldSplash Tunnel

restrooms-at-quaker-park-westfieldRestroom Facility at Quaker Park

shelter-at-quaker-park-westfieldAnother View of the Shelter Area

splash-park-at-quaker-park-westfieldSplash Area from Alternate Angle

map-of-homes-for-sale-near-quaker-park-westfieldHomes for Sale near Quaker Park

Quaker Park
17501 Dartown Rd
Westfield, IN 46074