Famous People from Westfield: The Yin and the Yang

A small, 9,000 resident suburb of nearby Indianapolis, Westfield, Indiana is more or less a residential community. Though it was founded as far back as 1834, the town wasn’t even incorporated until 2008, thanks to its small size and relative proximity to the Circle City. Even though the town has been around for over 180 years, there simply hasn’t been a big population for famous residents to come from.

There are really only two nationally well-known people from Westfield, Indiana. Interestingly enough, they appear to be polar opposites of one another. One was a humanitarian, an eloquent speaker and respected historian. The other was a mentally disturbed serial killer who caused a lot of pain in Central Indiana. Claude Bowers wrote over a dozen books in his lifetime, spoke at two Democratic National Conventions, and was the United States ambassador to Spain and Chile; Herbert Baumeister, on the other hand, committed a chain of horrific murders in Westfield in the late eighties, finally ending his own life when the authorities caught up with him. What does this dichotomy say about the town of Westfield? Nothing except to say the town isn’t known as a jumping off point for celebrities.

Below is the short list of famous people from Westfield, Indiana. To read more about each individual, follow the link to their full article.

Famous People from Westfield

Claude Bowers started out in Westfield, but ended up in Spain and Chile as a United States Ambassador from Indiana. Along the way, he lived in Terre Haute and tried his hand at politics, running for the House of Representatives as a Democrat. Claude Bowers wrote fourteen books between the years of 1916 and 1964, many on the subject of Thomas Jefferson.
Herbert Baumeister, AKA Brian Smart, was diagnosed schizophrenic in his teens, he nevertheless underwent no therapy, and his adult life became a nightmare of murder. He killed 11 to 20 gay men, burned the flesh off their bodies, then partially buried them in his Westfield back yard. When he was finally discovered, he put a stop to himself with a gun to his head.
Andy Cook is the current Mayor of Westfield. A longtime Republican, Andy Cook has lived in Hamilton County for more than 22 years. Not a famous person in Indiana or the United States at large, Mayor Cook is nevertheless renowned inside the borders of Westfield.

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