Monon Trail in Westfield Indiana

The Monon Trail is great for walking, jogging, inline skating, dog-walking, and just about any other kind of human-powered locomotion you can think imagine.

westfield-mononThe Westfield portion of the Monon Trail begins where the Midland Trace Trail ends at Westfield Park Road, just southeast of Quaker Park. From there, it runs south, all the way down to W. 146th Street. From there the Monon continues into Carmel, and ultimately runs all the way into downtown Indianapolis.

The trailhead is located at 1155 East Greyhound Pass and offers a host of amenities, including restrooms, a drinking fountain, benches, bike racks and parking. Plans to extend the Westfield portion of the Monon all the way to W 216th Street are in the works.