Hadley Park in Westfield Indiana

The historic Hadley Park is located at the northwest corner of N. Union Street and W. Main Street in Westfield. Established in 1995, Hadley Park features commemorative brick pavers, which lead to a beautiful landscape structure, and a seating area surrounded and beautiful gardens.

hadley-park-sign-westfieldRoy O. Hadley Park Sign

a-curb-side-view-of-hadley-park-westfieldStreet Side View of Hadley Park

bench-in-hadley-park-westfieldA Bench in Hadley Park

bird-feeder-2-in-hadley-park-westfieldA Bird Feeder in Hadley Park

flower-bed-in-hadley-park-westfieldA Bed of Flowers in Hadley Park

pergola-in-hadley-park-westfieldA Pergola in Hadley Park

ralph-wilfong-bench-in-hadley-park-westfieldA Bench Dedicated to Ralph Wilfong

underground-railroad-sign-in-hadley-park-westfieldUnderground Railroad Sign in Hadley Park

bird-feeder-in-hadley-park-westfieldClose-up of Another Bird Feeder

view-of-bird-feeder-in-hadley-park-westfield Bird Feeder

bike-loop-sign-in-hadley-park-westfieldBike Loop Sign outside Hadley Park

map-of-homes-for-sale-near-hadley-park-westfieldHomes for Sale near Hadley Park


Hadley Park
100 W Main St
Westfield, IN 46074