Westfield Real Estate Market Slow to Recover in June, 2010

Real Estate Report by m.s.Woods Real Estate, LLC. –  There was a lessening of the downward direction in total pending sales that began just one month prior with the expiration of the federal tax credit for new home purchases. Whereas in May total pending sales dropped an unnerving 60 percent, in June, 2010 they dropped […]

Westfield Home Sales Down as Total Listings Rise

Real Estate Report by m.s.Woods Real Estate, LLC. –  What stands out most from the Westfield real estate data is the reverse directions of lines representing total listings and total sales, with the latter heading in a negative direction for the first time in 4 months. Maybe this had something to do with the recently […]

Bucky’s Grill and Pub in Westfield: Philly Cheesesteaks and Flat Screens

Bucky’s Grill and Pub is a recently-opened Westfield bar and restaurant that promises to compete with the best of them, including many of those in nearby Indianapolis. Formerly “Bobby’s,” this nice little bar in Westfield in Central Indiana already had a backlog of fans, and they’re all happy to see Bobby’s metamorphose into Bucky’s and […]

Carey Tavern: This Westfield Bar and Restaurant Is “The Best Thing Since Flip-Flops.”

Carey Tavern is one of those places you simply want to make your home. One fan calls it “the best thing since flip-flops and fanny packs.” Guess that about says it all. It’s not just the Westfield residents who frequent this Westfield restaurant and bar. People visit the Carey Tavern from nearby Carmel, Noblesville and […]

Westfield Real Estate Development Lantern Commons Corner On Hold

For several years now, there has been considerable growth in the Westfield area as Indianapolis residents migrate northward and find Westfield homes for sale. This expansion has given rise to the commercial Indianapolis real estate opportunities for this suburban area. Westfield real estate has gained in commercial value over the years ignited by the future […]

Real Estate Market in Westfield July 2009

Real Estate Report by m.s.Woods Real Estate, LLC. –  If you’re a resident of Westfield, you’ve probably heard it said over the years that the town is the new Carmel in terms of growth. With the residential building opportunities and available land running out in Carmel, it’s inevitable the expansion would move north. So, how […]

Westfield Open for News

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