Armstrong Park in Westfield Indiana

Armstrong Park is a wide-open green space perfect for all sorts of fun, outdoor activities, such as Frisbee, walking the dog, football, soccer and much more. The park is situated at 16200 Countryside Blvd, just south of the Countryside Subdivision. A trail cuts through the park, and connects to the existing trail system in the Subdivision.

armstrong-park-sign-westfieldArmstrong Park Sign

pond-in-armstrong-park-westfieldA Pond in Armstrong Park

geese-at-pond-in-armstrong-park-westfieldGeese Gather around a Pond in Armstrong Park

paved-walkway-in-armstrong-park-westfieldA Paved Walkway around the Perimeter of Armstrong Park

boulders-in-armstrong-park-westfieldBoulders in Armstrong Park

open-field-in-armstrong-park-westfieldA Large Open Green Space in Armstrong Park

map-of-homes-for-sale-near-armstrong-park-westfield Homes for Sale Near Armstrong Park

Armstrong Park
16200 Countryside Blvd
Westfield, IN 46074