Girlmore Girls on Netflix and 7 Reasons Westfield Is Like Stars Hollow

Gilmore Girls on Netflix: 7 Reasons Westfield Is Like Stars Hollow#WestfieldIN – We can finally watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and I could not be more excited! It’s been a favorite show for many years, and I even named one of my kids after the characters.

That’s why one of my favorite things about living in Westfield is the small town atmosphere. I feel like I should have television music following me as I walk through my very own Stars Hollow.

There are so many similarities, just walking down the street makes me nostalgic for my favorite show — and now it’s back again!

For those of you excited to share this momentous event or those who need a little inspiration to dive into Gilmore Girls on Netflix for the very first time, I present to you 7 Reasons Westfield Is Like Stars Hollow:

  1. Businesses Aren’t Always As They Appear: In downtown Westfield, several of the historical buildings have businesses built into the actual structure. A building that says Bank or Library actually hold a yoga studio or print shop. In Stars Hollow, Williams Hardware is actually Luke’s Diner, but he did left the sign and most of the decor from his father’s hardware store days. And, Al’s Pankcake World is actually a rotating menu of ethnic food.
  2. Walkable: Lorelai and Rory walk everywhere. Sometimes they even ride bikes. With Westfield’s numerous connecting trails and bike loops, you can go wherever you want without a car.
  3. Town Festivals: Westfield has our Tree Lighting; Stars Hollow has their Winter Carnival. And Founder’s Day Firelight Festival. Not to mention the Spring Fling, End of Summer Madness Festival, and Autumn Festival’s Cornucopia Can Drive.
  4. Historical Reenactments: Stars Hollow features an annual Revolutionary War Reenactment that showcases their town’s place in history. Westfield showcases our history in the annual Voices from the Past.
  5. Minutes from a large city: Stars Hollow is as close to Hartford as we are from Indianapolis — “30 minutes, with no traffic.”
  6. Colorful Characters: We may not have a Miss Patty or Babette here in Westfield, but our cast of characters is just as strong as Stars Hollow’s. Someday, mabye I’ll get brave enough to ask people for HONY-inspired photos to run a Faces of Westfield series.
  7. Social Life: Kids and teens congregate at Westfield parks and playground; grownups can often be found at Carey Tavern or Grand Junction Brewery. Plus, Grand Park has quickly developed a social atmosphere. With the variety of Stars Hollow festivals and events, “Just living in Stars Hollow’s kind of a social activity, actually.”

Now all we need now is a troubadour and a market, and it’s basically the same town.