Coming Soon in Westfield

Coming-Soon-Westfield#WestfieldIN – Westfield, Indiana has been rapidly growing for as long as I’ve been around. We chose Westfield because my husband had fond memories of the town from a short period of time his family lived here. When we first visited and started searching for a home, he was floored by all the new businesses and construction, and it has only increased since we officially moved.

In addition to the constant construction as the US 31 project continues, we are seeing new businesses move in, restaurants being built, and rumors of other incoming stores. Several of the upcoming openings have me super excited. Today, Westfield Greeks will open, joining many great local Westfield restaurants in the area. Tucked away in downtown Westfield, next to Rails Epicurean Market, the pizza place will offer delicious eats and gluten free options. We can’t wait to try it, since I’ve heard such great things about Greeks Pizzeria in other parts of Indianapolis.

Also coming soon, but still under construction on SR 32, are two fast food restaurants that should play nicely with the upcoming bypass. McDonald’s is being built right next to the new Taco Bell, to replace the location that was recently torn down to make way for the highway construction.

Another fast-food restaurant has been under construction just behind the McDonald’s, and the signs recently went up to confirm we’re getting a Dairy Queen! I can’t decide if I’m happy or horrified by this prospect — Blizzards just around the corner! But also? Blizzards just around the corner. This could be so much bad news.

Hopefully, that will all be balanced out with the new health food store rumored to begin in Westfield. There’s a lot of talk about Fresh Thyme Farm Market coming to the Carey Road area. I can’t wait for this one to open. The store features fabulously fresh produce at extremely low prices, especially during the grand opening months.

There may be a little competition down the road in Carmel, as Giant Eagle will be building on Springmill — the first of its chain to open in Indiana. I don’t know much about this grocery chain, but I am hopeful the added competition from both stores can drive down food prices in the Westfield area. Maybe we will see the return of double coupons?

I don’t know what will happen, but I am excited to see everything coming to Westfield, and I’ll be sure to provide updates and reviews once I’ve had a chance to check it all out.