Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County is tucked away in Westfield, just north of US 32, behind the new Taco Bell. And just a little further back is a hidden gem you’ll want to track down. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a thrift shop for building supplies and home appliances. They work primarily through donations (so drop off your leftover remodeling supplies!) and feature low cost, gently used products for building or remodeling.

Here you will find appliances like washers & dryers, refrigerators, and stoves alongside bath tubs, cabinetry, and building supplies like wood and trim. You will occasionally find leftovers from Habitat projects, but the majority of the store features donations from homeowners. It’s a great place to find cheap quarter round, new (to you) doors, and other mismatched items when you just need that one, last piece.

Plus, you can feel good that your purchase price goes directly to Habitat for Humanity to help build homes in our community. The next time we upgrade or repair around here, it’s my first stop. And my last when I drop of the leftovers or anything we’ve replaced that may still be usable. Here are a few things you’ll find at Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Westfield:

Remodel your bathroom or make quick repairs with inexpensive bathtubs, sinks, and counters.

Replace your cabinets or add some storage in the garage with low priced cabinetry in all sizes.

There’s even a section for paint! Spruce up your look with premixed paints or find the primer you need at the perfect price.