9 Westfield Photos That Make Me Happy to Live Here

Westfield, Indiana is one of the best towns for families. There’s plenty of family fun, local history, and interesting things to see. From Quaker roots and our place on the Underground Railroad to Shamrock Pride and Indiana classics, I’m constantly snapping photos of the things that make me happy. Here are a few of my favorite photos that showcase the beauty of Westfield.


Our history is literally embedded right into the buildings of downtown Westfield.

Asa Bales Park is home to the Anti-Slavery Cemetery, Westfield’s link to the Underground Railroad.

Is there anything more classically Indiana than this?

We get the most beautiful fiery Indiana sunsets, especially after a storm.

And amazing sunshine and lens flare over the many local ponds.

This colorful mural on the corner of Union and Main Streets makes me unspeakably happy.

We take our fountains very seriously around here.

I love the way Westfield schools support the arts, raising our kids on a steady diet of music, theater, and art.