The 100 Calorie Date Night

100-Calorie-Date-NightWith four kids at home and four different sports schedules to keep, time to ourselves is few and far between. But, date night is a high priority to maintain our relationship. So we’re always trying to find activities we can do together in the evenings, after the kids are in bed.

It’s easy to tuck them in, leave the teen to supervise, and head out for a drink or late dinner. The problem is those late dinners have a negative affect on our fitness efforts. We’ve both been trying to stay active and be mindful of our food intake. That’s when we concocted our genius plan to walk on our dates — and burn off most of the calories we consume.

Yogo-Passion-sundaesOur favorite stop is Yogo Passion. It’s location in Westfield is within walking distance of several major neighborhoods, including ours. We head out after bedtime, walking, talking, and enjoying the sunset. Our walk is an easy a mile, ending with a sweet treat.

Yogo Passion rotates several varieties of frozen yogurt with the calorie count and nutritional information clearly displayed. The serving size is listed in grams, while your selection is weighed in ounces ($.45/ounce), but they are always happy to switch the scale for you to get an exact count if necessary.

Our sundae choices are about 400 calories each. With our walk burning an average of 300 calories round trip, we net 100 for a yummy frozen treat. He likes to try a few different yogurt flavors. I’m a country vanilla girl, with fruit and nuts on top. Okay, and chocolate. Still, I take it easy on the treats to keep to the 400 calories we calculated on our first summer date.

Yogo Passion is a perfect landing spot for our date night walks because it’s tiny, with only a few tables for two. Most people who have arrived during our date take their ice cream outside, so we generally have the place to ourselves. It’s been a fun summer date, and we’re going to squeeze in a few more before the season escapes us completely.