Westfield High School Class of 2014

Westfield High School Class of 2014Schools in Westfield, Indiana have been out for the summer two weeks now, and we’re still processing the crazy year we had.

Westfield High School seniors are just now coming up for air after a whirlwind of a week to cap off their last year of school. There were concerts and finals, parties and open houses, report cards and scholarships.

The Class of 2014 had a weird final year, courtesy of the Polar Vortex.

It felt like we were out of school more than we were in. Then, it felt like school was never going to end once we lost all our flex days. We didn’t have a single day off between January and April.

Not to mention all the long, extended days. Westfield is one of several area school districts that chose to makeup snow days hourly instead of adding full days to the calendar. Through much of February and March, an extra hour was added to the day to make up 6 hours of school for each day missed.

It definitely made for an interesting winter and spring, and I loved the magnet the PTO gave to the kids with their graduation tickets. The small gift provides a fun look at Westfield High School’s 2013-2014 school year with total numbers of snow days, extended days, weather delays and cancellations.

Here is a unique year-in-review for the Westfield High School Class of 2014.

  • 468: graduating seniors
  • 176: days of school
  • 56: inches of snow
  • 24: extended days
  • 12: subzero days
  • 9: snow days
  • 5: 2-hour delays
  • 11,000,000: dollars in scholarships

Yeah, you read that right — Westfield High School’s 468 seniors were offered a total of $11 million in scholarship funds this year. Only around $4 million was actually accepted, due to students being offered multiple scholarships at various schools. But, wow — what an amazing accomplishment!

Amazing year. Amazing class. Westfield rocks!

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