I Live at Grand Park Now

Grand Park Baseball Diamond

Grand Park is now the official home of Westfield Youth Sports, kicking off with a grand opening ceremony on April 19th. The baseball players lined up on the baselines while the Oak Trace choir sang the national anthem, and the Westfield Fire Department Honor Guard carried the flag. The girls marched onto their field, team by team, as they were introduced to the crowd.

We were in attendance at both ceremonies, courtesy of two girls and a boy. With three kids in softball and baseball through WYSI, this is the craziest time of year for us. In years past, the different age groups have played at different locations, with practices at various schools throughout Westfield. Now that Grand Park Sports Complex is officially open, everything has been consolidated.

On Monday evening, our son played a game at Grand Park. We arrived at 5:30 for warmups, with a 6pm game time. Meanwhile, our youngest walked over to the softball diamonds for her 5:45 practice. Midway through the game, our other daughter walked over for her practice, while the youngest joined us to watch the rest of the game.

Grand Park Softball DiamondIt was chaotic, for sure, but at least it was all in one place. My husband and I were both able to watch the baseball game, while the girls still made it to practice on time. And, that was just the start of our week at Grand Park. Team photos were Tuesday. The tween had games Wednesday and again tonight. There’s another softball game tomorrow, and a triple header on Saturday.

Basically, we’re here until August. So it’s a good thing I don’t mind spending time at Grand Park. The new, multi-million dollar sports complex features several concession stands, restrooms (no more port-a-potties!), scoreboards, and state-of-the-art fields and diamonds. My little pitcher is so excited to have her first bullpen.

There are still some areas under construction, not all of the restrooms are operational, and the paths are being paved daily. But it will get there eventually, and we will definitely be around to see it. Day after day after day. Until then, you can find me on the bleachers — I prefer the top row.