Union Bible College & Academy: Historic School in Westfield

The Union Bible College & Academy, founded in 1861 by the Quaker settlers of Westfield, Indiana, is the oldest, continuously functional high school in Indiana. It is an extension of Ball State University, located in nearby Muncie, and was originally known as Union High Academy.
It is appropriate that a school founded upon the study of Christian theology and family values should be located in the small city of Westfield, which is one of the many suburbs of Indianapolis. Westfield history has a strong Quaker influence, which has always solidified the town’s salt-of-the-earth Midwestern values; one of the strongest of these values is the importance of family and each individual’s personal relationship with God.

Video of the Union Bible College & Academy Choir performing in Westfield, Indiana

Union Bible College & Academy
is registered with the Indiana Association of Christian Schools, which is an affiliate of the American Association of Christian Schools, and fully accredited by this organization.

For more than a century and a half, Union Bible College & Academy has stood firm on its spiritual standards, empathetic and caring atmosphere, and high scholastic standards. Begun and backed by friends and that stalwart Quaker heritage, the school nevertheless officially took on an interdenominational status in 1980 to adhere to the much larger “Holiness Movement.” Today, the Academy proudly offers its long heritage and skills to students of all denominations.

Union Bible College & Academy
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