Midland Trace Trail in Westfield Indiana

The Midland Trace Trail in Westfield is a 1.5-mile trail that can be accessed from both Simon Moon Park and Quaker Park. The trailhead at Old Friends Cemetery Park (302 South Union Street) offers such amenities as benches, bike racks, and a drinking fountain. The trail can also be accessed at Quaker Park. From there, head east of Oak Ridge Road to connect to the Monon Trail.

midland-trace-trail-gateA Gate to the Midland Trace Trail at Simon Moon Park

intersecting-paths-at-midland-trace-westfieldIntersecting Paths at the Midland Trace Trail

photo-of--midland-trace-bridge-westfieldA Bridge at Midland Trace Trail

bench-at-midland-trace-trailA Bench at Midland Trace Trail

midland-trace-trail-at-cemetery-parkA Paved Path that Makes of Part of Midland Trace Trail

midland-trace-trail-pathKids on Bikes in the Distance at Midland Trace Trail

midland-trace-bridge-westfieldAnother View of the Bridge at Midland Trace Trail

midland-trace-trail-sign-at-old-friends-cemetery-park-westfieldMidland Trace Trail Sign

stream-passes-under-midland-trace-bridge-westfieldA Stream Passes under the Bridge at Midland Trace Trail

aign-at-midland-trace-bridge-westfieldA Sign at the Bridge in Midland Trace Trail

midland-trace-trail-path-2Another Portion of the Midland Trace Trail

mile-marker-at-midland-trace-trailOne of Several Mile Markers along the Midland Trace Trail