Asa Bales Anti-Slavery Cemetery

Westfield Anti-Slavery Cemetery at Asa Bales Park

Westfield, Indiana played a large part in the Underground Railroad, with city founder Asa Bales leading the way. Bales and his wife are both buried in Westfield’s so-called freedom cemetery. The cemetery in the area now known as Asa Bales Park is the final resting place of Civil War soldiers, Underground Railroad heroes, and unmarked […]

Westfield 6th Graders Rockin’ Chicago

Westfield Sixth Graders Visit Chicago

My tween is in the student council at Westfield Intermediate School, rocking Chicago with her friends this weekend. Each year, the school takes the 6th grade representatives on a short trip to Chicago. It is a fun event Westfield students plan for all year as a reward for their hard work. To be eligible to […]

Westfield Marching Band in NYC for St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Westfield Marching Band in NYC

The Westfield High School marching band is in New York City this week. Today, the Shamrock Pride will march in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Each year, several high school marching bands are invited to perform along the streets of New York in the oldest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the U.S. — now in […]

Westfield Underground Railroad Run

Westfield Underground Railroad Run

The Underground Railroad Run is a 5K run and 3K family walk that winds through historic Westfield, Indiana. This year’s race will take place on March 22nd, winding through Asa Bales Park and by the anti-slavery cemetery in downtown Westfield. Options include a 3K walk, designed for families to enjoy together, and a 5K timed […]

Grand Park to Open Early in Westfield, Indiana

Grand Park Sports Complex to Open Early in Westfield Indiana

Grand Park is the newest park in Westfield, Indiana. Opening next month, the new sports complex will feature 26 baseball/softball diamonds, 31 fields for soccer, football, rugby, field hockey and lacrosse, and 2 indoor facilities for year-round sports. At a preview event in October, Grand Park showcased its field turf and pride in a state-of-the-art […]

Westfield Makes Money Magazine’s List of Best Places to Live 2013


CNN’s Money Magazine took a look at small towns across the U.S. in 2013, looking not only for those with thriving economies, but those that were ideal places to raise a family. Plenty of “green space,” great schools and a strong sense of community were cited as top factors in deciding America’s top 50 small […]

Claude Bowers: Historian and Ambassador from Westfield


Of the two notable people from Westfield, Indiana, Claude Bowers is the famous one, rather than the infamous Herb Baumeister. Bowers, a renowned historian, journalist, and diplomat, wrote over a dozen books, several scholarly studies, was a United States ambassador to two different countries, and worked at several newspapers across the nation. Though today he […]

Westfield Real Estate Report


There was a 29.4-percent increase in the number of homes sold Westfield, Indiana, with 22 homes selling in February compared to 17 the previous month.  This is also a 1.1-percent increase over the 20 homes that sold last February. The total number of pending sales also increased 11.5 percent, going from 26 in January to […]

Westfield Real Estate Development Lantern Commons Corner On Hold


For several years now, there has been considerable growth in the Westfield area as Indianapolis residents migrate northward and find Westfield homes for sale. This expansion has given rise to the commercial Indianapolis real estate opportunities for this suburban area. Westfield real estate has gained in commercial value over the years ignited by the future […]

Real Estate Market in Westfield July 2009

Indiana Association of REALTORS logo in Indianapolis, Indiana

If you’re a resident of Westfield, you’ve probably heard it said over the years that the town is the new Carmel in terms of growth. With the residential building opportunities and available land running out in Carmel, it’s inevitable the expansion would move north. So, how is the Westfield real estate market doing compared to […]

Westfield Open for News

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