Asa Bales Park in Westfield Indiana

Asa Bales Park is an multifaceted, 13-acre park situated in the heart of Westfield, at 205 W Hoover St.  Park amenities include a playground, 3 picnic shelters available for rent, public restrooms, a natural amphitheater, charcoal grill, water fountain, dog drinking bowl, swing, skate park, dog waste station and Rhodes Family Historic Marker. The park hosts the city’s annual Independence Day celebration, Westfield Rocks the 4th.

park-homes-for-salesign-asa-bales-park-westfieldAsa Bales Park Sign


Additionally, a walking trail winds its way through the park, connecting to downtown Westfield and Grand Junction Trail at the south end. The Thompson Canal runs north-south through the park, providing a nice water feature.

upward-angle-sculpture-asa-bales-park-westfieldAn Impressive Sculpture Sits Near the Park’s Entrance

a-playground-area-asa-bales-park-westfieldOne of Two Play Areas in Asa Bales Park

swing-set-asa-bales-park-westfieldAnother Play Area in the Park

asa-bales-cemetery-westfieldA Headstone with American Flags in the Asa Bales Anti-Slavery Cemetery

bridge-asa-bales-park-westfieldA Bridge in Asa Bales Park

disk-golf-hole-asa-bales-park-westfieldDisk Golf Hole in Asa Bales Park

asa-bales-park-anti-slavery-sign-westfieldAsa Bales Park Anti Slavery Sign

photo-of-swing-asa-bales-park-westfieldPhoto Of a Swing in Asa Bales Park

walkway-asa-bales-park-westfieldA Paved Trail in Asa Bales Park

sculpture-asa-bales-park-westfieldA Sculpture near the Entrance of Asa Bales Park

view-of-paved-path-asa-bales-park-westfieldA Walkway Winds around a Distant Shelter Area at Asa Bales Park

charcoal-grill-asa-bales-park-westfieldA Charcoal Grill and Picnic Tables in a Shelter Area at Asa Bales Park

disk-golf-sign-asa-bales-park-westfieldA Disk Golf Sign in Asa Bales Park

picnic-shelter-2-asa-bales-park-westfieldA Well-Shaded Picnic Shelter

view-of-asa-bales-cemetery-westfieldAsa Bales Anti-Slavery Cemetery

picnic-shelter-asa-bales-park-westfieldAnother Picnic Shelter

paved-path-asa-bales-park-westfieldA Trail Wraps around the Edge of Asa Bales Anti-Slavery Cemetery

bicyclist-at-skate-park-asa-bales-park-westfieldPhoto of the Asa Bales Skate Park

skate-park-photo-asa-bales-park-westfieldAnother Photo of the Asa Bales Skate Park

map-of-homes-for-sale-near-asa-bales-park-westfieldHomes for Sale Near Asa Bales Park

Asa Bales Park
205 W Hoover St
Westfield, IN 46074