Westfield Elementary Schools Participate in Bike to School Day

Wesfield Bike to School Day 2014Bike to School Day is a relatively new event held in conjunction with National Bike Month in May. Like Walk to School Day, this event encourages an active lifestyle and provides an opportunity for a fun, community event. Westfield elementary schools were, once again, all over it.

Information and permission slips were sent home with students a few weeks ago, and my own daughter has been talking about Bike to School Day for at least a month. Every Wednesday, she has asked if we were riding bikes to school. Today, the answer was yes, and we joined several other students at the Countryside clubhouse for an organized ride to school.

Westfield Elementary Schools Participate in Bike to School Day

The students were lined up by grade and led by the 3rd grade teaching team. Westfield Police were on hand to keep everyone safe and stop traffic as our children crossed the streets. The group took the long way around the many neighborhood trails on the way to Oak Trace Elementary School, where they parked their bikes by grade behind the school.

Some students will be riding their bikes home; others will continue with their usual afternoon plan. My daughter will come home on the bus, since we haven’t yet worked with her on that kind of solo bike ride. We will go back to pickup her bike later this afternoon. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful Bike to School Day. And, now that she has a taste of it again, I think we’ll be walking or riding to school frequently for the rest of the year.